Cannot initialize IMU on Xiao Sense nRF52840

Note that I’ve cross-posted this on the Seeed forums, but I’m not sure which place is best.

I’m programming a Seeed Xiao Sense using GitHub - maxgerhardt/platform-nordicnrf52: Nordic nRF52: development platform for PlatformIO

I cannot get the IMU to work and I am wondering if this has to do with the PIO support or something else…

#include <Arduino_LSM6DS3.h>
IMU.begin(); // Returns 0
IMU.readAcceleration(..); // Returns bogus values

I checked that I’m testing on a Xiao Sense and not Xiao BLE classic.
Note that I’m using I2C for other peripherals (EEPROM for instance) but IMU.begin() returns 0 even if it’s initialized before them.
I’ve read somewhere that IMU uses an internal I2C bus different from the one that is exposed on the Xiao to avoid conflicts, but I couldn’t find where this is set.

This is my ini:

monitor_speed = 115200
upload_speed = 115200
build_flags = 

framework = arduino
lib_deps = 
	adafruit/Adafruit MCP23017 Arduino Library@2.3.0

platform =
board = xiaoblesense_adafruit
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Maybe it needs a platform update first. Let me work on that, I’m the maintainer after all.

Okay I managed to get IMU to work using :

instead of :

I haven’t looked at how the libraries are different but it goes in the direction of the I2C bus being the wrong one (as in both cases the address is 0x6A).
Thanks !

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