Cannot Init project "Error: Detected unknown package 'tool-scons'" CLION

I am trying to setup an existing project on another workstation. but I keep getting the following error message when running pio init --ide clion -b leonardo. I am behind a corporate firewall that has been known to cause problems with HTTPS inspection and re-certifies all domains with its one CA. There is no proxy though so I wouldnt know how to solve this as suggested here:

Is there any way to manually download any packages required and install from local package (egg or otherwise).
note: this also happens when trying to init a new project.

output from init:

 C:\Users\<user>\CLionProjects\logger>pio init --ide clion -b leonardo

The current working directory C:\Users\<user>\CLionProjects\logger will be used for the project.

The next files/directories have been created in C:\Users\<user>\CLionProjects\logger
include - Put project header files here
lib - Put here project specific (private) libraries
src - Put project source files here
platformio.ini - Project Configuration File
Error: Detected unknown package 'tool-scons'

It seems like PIO package manager can’t download tool-scons. Have you set environment variables?


Thanks, this has now been resolved with internal systems by another means. there was no proxy involved at all, I suspect that PIO didnt like the SSL certificates that the firewall was generating.