Cannot find my board in the list (TTGO T-journal)

Recently I bout a new board, which is using ESP32.
The board name is TTGO T-journal.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this board when I make a new project using PlatfromIO.
(There are TTGO T1, TTGO T-beam, and so on, but not mine)

In this case, what should I do?
Can I just use any one in ESP32 board list?

Did you ever find a solution?

We support at least every board that the Arduino core supports.

Looking at the available boards in the Arduino core, arduino-esp32/boards.txt at master · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub, there is no “T-Journal” board to be found. Hence we also do not have it.

But, this doesn’t really mean much – at its core, it’s a board with a ESP32-PICO-D4 module, so any board with the same module will also do. Like, the TinyPico board definition. This will very, very likely, just work.