Cannot figure out where to find serial monitor output

Finally I installed VS Code and PlatformIO IDE. Uploaded “Getting Started” Blink sketch, it is working, so far so good!!
Added some lines for Serial monitor out put, Serial.printl(“etc, etc.”). Opened serial monitor. No output in serial monitor. Cannot figure out where to find serial monitor output.

Also tried to login at PIO Home with credentials used in community, get “Bad credentials” warning. Is account for community and PIO Home are different?

Did you Serial.begin(115200) in setup() before printing anything?

You must also set the baud rate as monitor_speed in platformio.ini as described in Redirecting.... After that just upload your project and press the serial monitor icon in the bottom taskbar. (, electrical plug icon)


Thanks a lot. This solved the problem. I wonder why can’t we set baud rate by selecting in some drop down list instead of editing .ini file.