Cannot compile on Mac, but does on Linux

I tried to compile this project
Using my VSCode/PlatformIO Installation on MacOS (both, Intel and Apple Silicon) with no success.
On a Debian Virtual Machine the same project compiles with no error.

On Mac I get:
‘WiFi’ was not declared in this scope
This looks like a difference in installation between Linux/OSX

Can someone with more experience than me this Mac specific problem?


This project’s source files names are dangerous. They have src/wifi.h and in there they include the actual WiFi library WiFi.h.

Case-insenstive filesystems like NTFS on Windows will choke on that and include the wrong file when asked for “wifi.h”/“WiFi.h” since they are the same. EXT4 on Linux should have no problem. On Mac, I’m unsure, but would actually not expect such an error…

In any case, the first thing you should try is rename src/wifi.h to something like src/wifimanager.h and replace all #include "wifi.h" to #include "wifimanger.h", while keeping the #include <WiFi.h> untouched.

Solved! This was the correct pointer to fix the issue. I just thought the OSX filesystem is case sensitive, since kind of UNIX derivate. But is usually not :frowning_face:

Thank you very much