Cannot Build Any PIO Project for Arduino


I have been using the Arduino IDE for a while and wanted to switch to PlatformIO on VS Code to control my Elegoo Mega2560 arduino. However, after reading and watching numerous tutorials, I am still not able to build (let alone upload) my project. I took a simple blinking code that works fine when I try it on the Arduino IDE. However, every time I try building the PlatformIO project, I get this error:
I have tried modifying the code, creating new projects from scratch, and uninstalling/reinstalling PIO entirely, but nothing works. It is very frustrating that I cannot run anything and I have no idea why. From what I understand, Java should not even be necessary to run PIO. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

That popup is not created by PlatformIO. You must have other conflicting extensions installed. Please show all installed VSCode extensions.