Cannot add libraries to project through lib manager

So I’m a complete noob to platformio…
I’m trying to use the library manager to add libraries to my project.
I search for the lib, find it and select it. Then there is a dropdown to “select a project”. However, my project is not listed, so it’s not possible to add the lib.
Older projects are listed just fine, just this new one isn’t.
Any help appreciated.

Worse case, you find your library in, copy-paste the “Installation” instruction line in your clip-board, e.g.


then open the platformio.ini of the project, add, if not existing already, add a new line with

lib_deps =

per docs. Additional libraries can be added by just putting them in a new line, but must have at least two spaces before them.

On the UI path, you might try to use PIO Sidebar → PIO Home → “Open Project” dialog → your project folder, to have it appear in the list.

If this is not working, please file a report in Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

Thanks, Max. That got me the libraries included so I could compile the program and upload it.
However, that project still does not show up in the “select project” dropdown list.
Baby steps, it’ll get there eventually. I still have a lot to learn. Platformio is a huge step from the Arduino IDE…