Can someone help me with an SKR PRO 1.1 + TMC2209 on an Ender-3X?

I’m new to this whole 3D printing thing and I had been able to successfully compile firmware and upload to the board, but when I used the M122 command I got back an error message saying something about a bad error and all the stepper motors being too low.

I saw that I have to connect the board to an external power source which I’ve done and then was told to do the following:

  1. if you are downloaded from Marlin bugfix-2.0.x Official version. Please modify here from TMCStepper@<1.0.0 to . This is because the UART of tmc2208/2209 has not yet been merged into the official version, please use this method before merged

I changed that line of code but now when I try to compile I just get this error message:

Please help - I’m trying to get this set up so I can print PPE’s for medical staff.


For compilation errors in Marlin or marlin-related libraries, open a github issue in Marlin’s code repository.

At first glance it looks to me like it it’s tring to access stimer_t structures which are not anymore available / outdated in the Arduino-STM32 Framework version with which the project is compiled. In other words, the library seems outdated.

Ah, you see, people have already opened a PR to fix this issue quiet some time ago: Updated BTT-TMCStepper to work with up to date Marlin-Firmware (bugfix-2.0.x) by dan-and · Pull Request #1 · bigtreetech/TMCStepper · GitHub

So you can use as the library URL instead of the old one and hopefully this updated code will work.

Thank you for the response!

Unfortunately I replaced that line of code with the one you provided but I got the same exact errors starting with “81 | stimer_t SWSerialTimerHandle;”

Hm indeed it uses a stimer_t decleration in the software UART part. Can you follow the advice from Remove outdated TMC version workaround information by TheDark · Pull Request #99 · bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-PRO-V1.1 · GitHub and Can not compile Marlin 2.0.3 with TMC 2209 for SKR PRO v1.1 · Issue #97 · bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-PRO-V1.1 · GitHub regarding the lib_deps line?

Actually I got it to build sucesfully using this url instead in that line of code: GitHub - dan-and/TMCStepper

Now I am having an issue where I get an “Error: All Low” message for all the drivers (or motors?) for each axis and the extruder when testing them in Pronterface using the M122 command.

Any advice for that?


So it may have compiled but there still some error in the software. Did you try the recommendation in the issues regardless and see if that changes things? For advanced error searching in the Marlin firmware though, an issue at Marlin would be best.