Can someone advise me on a best debugging experience for my choice of hardware?

I selected Blues Wireless as my hardware vendor. Having a long working relationship with Ray Ozzie, I had no hesitation to make this decision. It is also very obvious that I ought to use PlatformIO IDE for (hopefully) everything I plan to do (end-to-end app, connecting the cloud of sensors with the cloud of Web apps, serving in a healthcare process. This is going to be an open-source project.

I am using this hardware to create the initial prototype

and have a few questions about it

Blues Wireless has this STLINK-V3MINI. Elsewhere I found a more expensive and seemingly better STLINK-V3 modular in-circuit debugger and programmer for STM32/STM8

My question is simple: does this STLINK-V3 offer a better debugging experience, and if so, would it be supported by PlatformIO IDE?