Can not install Platform-ide for VScore

Need help : when I try to install the extension of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode. It is said that I have to install a python 2.7.x interpreter. Such thing I’ve done.
Then there is a message error which shows up, saying that in C:path\python.exe, there was no module named “pip”.

My Configuration :
VSCode: 1.24.1
PIO IDE: v0.16.2
System: Windows_NT, 10.0.14393, x64

Install Virtualenv globally: C:\Python27\python.exe: No module named pip

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Did you install Python according to Redirecting... with the installer options “pip” and “add python.exe to PATH” enabled? Can you execute pip in cmd.exe?

Thank you for your quick answer

Yes I followed the steps of this link when I installed Python.

But how can I execute pip in cmd.exe ?

I’ve tried to write “pip” in the command line of cmd.exe but I don’t know if this was the way to execute pip…

Yes this should be it if python.exe is also in your path.

You can also try to just invoke the python interpreter and execute “import pip”. If that returns an error, the PIP module is not there.

What’s the result of the execution?

Try to remove %HOME_DIR%/.platformio/penv folder and restart VScode.

When I execute import pip in the python interpreter, it just goes to the next line

I guess it means that pip has been imported

Furthermore , after writting pip in cmd.exe I’ve tried to reload again the extension platformio in VSCode. And again it fails to achieve the installation

Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t understand the " %HOME_DIR%/ " part. Thus I don’t know what is the folder that you’ve mentionned …!

A solution has been found, it was due to the protection of the network of the company