Can not import aWOT's StaticFiles.h

Hello, sorry to bother, I am trying to serve a react app locally with an ESP8266 (I have a few of them around).
I found the npm awot-scripts package and it works wonderfully if I compile the project in the ArduinoIDE. (I followed their tutorial Arduino Full Stack Tutorial )
I want to develop the project further and tried to use PlatformIO + VSCode.
All I have in this project now is the main.ino file that sets up a small http server that interacts with the web page to toggle a LED, the build works but when I try to upload it to the board the Verification step craches with :

fatal error: StaticFiles.h: No such file or directory
4 | #include “StaticFiles.h”

I had the aWot.cpp and aWot.h files in my /src folder before realising that I can install them through the library manager and they worked.

The main.ino file

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

Edit: For some reason if I try Ctrl + Alt + U (or the upload button) same error, if I press the dropdown and click upload it just uploads it, it runs ‘platformio run --target upload’, I’m sure I’m missing something.

The npm run dist is supposed to give you StaticFiles.h

Where did it generate the file? For the build to find this file it should be in the same folder as the source file that needs it, or in the include/ folder.