Can not find active PlatformIO project

i have just set up atom and added platformIO as i’m attempting to install new firmware on my 3d printer, i have followed a tutorial from th3d 9who i have bought the new board i have installed from, when i click to build the project all i get is

Make sure that an opened project you are trying to rebuid is a PlatformIO project (e.g., contains platformio.ini).

please help

Since you’re following a tutorial, what’s the link to the tutorial? So we can see what files you’re trying to build, and the layout of the project. Maybe you’ve opened the wrong folder, hence the message about the missing platformio.ini. This file is needed, as it provides necessary configuration information about the build process - ie. that board, what framework to use, etc.

i am following the tutorial further down on this page

the only thing that is different is the source of the firmware im using, and my tool bar is on the left and not the top

So you have a folder like shown at 2:35 of the video? And have added that folder, not one of the sub folders? As if that’s the case, platformio.ini should not be missing, as it is shown to be present. Note what is said after after copying the folder name into the browse window… DO NOT click on any of the subfolders… only click on ‘select folder’ otherwise you will open the wrong folder.

Also, once you do get it working… note these instructions for PIO v3… PIO v4 puts stuff in slightly different locations. where he talks about .pioenvs and .piolibdeps… both folders are effectively in the .pio folder now.