Can not fin lib to include

I need two Libs from Git Hub for my project. I search them with the lib manager
the first one PubSubClient by Nick ‘O Leary V2.8.0 is found
the second ArduinoOTA by Juraj Andrassy V1.0.5 ist not found. I checked on Git Hub there it is.
Is there a way to include a lib if I have the path to Git Hub or any other way.

Yes, see documentation here and here.


lib_deps =

in the platformio.ini will include it, just using the git link and the name of the tag (see original github repo).

Be careful however with that library. It’s not the framework included OTA library, it uses a different mechanism. So OTA configuration via docs is not valid.

You need to further modify the platformio.ini as noted in this comment to use the arduinoOTA helper program to upload it (which is implicitly installed in the Arduino IDE, for me e.g. at C:\Users\<user>\Desktop\Programming Stuff\arduino-1.8.13\hardware\tools\avr\bin\arduinoOTA.exe)

This is also why the author himself had the library removed from the PIO registry: Info: PlatformIO, Arduino Mega, build & upload OTA · Issue #29 · JAndrassy/ArduinoOTA · GitHub