Can I use PlatformIO to upload MicroPython code to ESP32 boards?

Any tips or suggestions to upload MicroPython code successfully?

At the moment I use uPyCraft and Thonny IDE’s to upload the usual two files ( and to various ESP32 boards like the ‘esp32doit-devkit-v1’ and the ‘firebeetle32’.

These IDE’s are a bit buggy and I’d prefer to do all this within the one Visual Code IDE.

I did try the Pumbaa framework but that failed as its limited to just one type of ESP32 board.



We currently don’t support MicroPython. See feature request

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using last version of mu-editor, i just managed to upload python code to esp32

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Okay it isn’t PlatformIO but Rt-Thread (VS Code plugin) works pretty well for developing in Micropython. I’ve used it with an ESP32 based device (Heltec Wifi Kit 32). It’s a pretty simple interface, but does pretty much all I want it to do. It does stuff up sometimes I have to say, but most of the time works well.


Is there an update on this? I am the principal maintainer for the Reflections project. It’s an open-source wrist watch with a round ESP32-based main board. See github and ReflectionsOS. I’m considering writing the project OS in MicroPython to make it easy to write, maintain, and teach. Next I need a MacOS compatible IDE to develop my MicroPython ReflectionsOS. Considering CircuitPython,, Arduino IDE, Thonny IDE. It seems ironic to me that is written in Python and doesn’t yet support MicroPython development. -Frank