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Can I use a RP2040-Zero board with platformIO and the arduino framework

I am new to platformIO. Sorry if my questions are just stupid/evident.

I would like to start using a RP-2040-Zero board (see link below) with platformIO and arduino framework.

Is it possible?
If so, is this ini file OK?
platform = raspberrypi
board = pico
framework = arduino

Can I upload it just using the USB? If so, does I have to modify some options (builds/update)?

Are you experiencing any error when trying to do so?

In fact I just ordered the board. I expect to get it before end of the month. I was just learning how to use it.
I asked myself if somebody was already using this board and how.
I would like to use platformIO (with VS code) as IDE.

I already create a project with the platformio.ini file above and I am not sure if it is valid for the board I selected.

Okay. Yes, the platformio.ini with the generic pico board definition should work just fine. I have two Raspberry Pi Pico boards and use them with PlatformIO too.

Thanks. That is good news.
I will see when I get the board.

Did it work well in the end? I’m thinking of doing the same thing with the same board :slight_smile:.

Have you tried the regular config with your board?

I haven’t bought it yet, trying to choose between getting an RP2040 based mini board vs an AVR based mini board. If the mini RP2040 board works with platformIO like the basic Pico does then I’d like to go with that.

I work with plaformio to develop with a RP2040-Zero board.
I use the RP2040 SDK because I wanted to use PIO functionalities.

I already made 2 projects. They are on github: