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Can I use a RP2040-Zero board with platformIO and the arduino framework

I am new to platformIO. Sorry if my questions are just stupid/evident.

I would like to start using a RP-2040-Zero board (see link below) with platformIO and arduino framework.

Is it possible?
If so, is this ini file OK?
platform = raspberrypi
board = pico
framework = arduino

Can I upload it just using the USB? If so, does I have to modify some options (builds/update)?

Are you experiencing any error when trying to do so?

In fact I just ordered the board. I expect to get it before end of the month. I was just learning how to use it.
I asked myself if somebody was already using this board and how.
I would like to use platformIO (with VS code) as IDE.

I already create a project with the platformio.ini file above and I am not sure if it is valid for the board I selected.

Okay. Yes, the platformio.ini with the generic pico board definition should work just fine. I have two Raspberry Pi Pico boards and use them with PlatformIO too.

Thanks. That is good news.
I will see when I get the board.