Can I disable account required function from PIO?


I started using PIO recently, both on Atom and VSC.
I’m looking for a way to disable function requiring an account, they don’t really need to be there since I don’t want to use those features.

On Atom primarily, the “upload” button (cloud and arrow) being next to the “send” button (just a standard build and send to device offline) is bothering me a little bit, since I won’t use this feature.
I feel like I’m being nagged to create an account.

Could there be a way to have an option where all function requiring online account, any “community” integration (looking at PIO Home page recent news) would be hidden?

I am however grateful for the awesome IDE you guys provide (Open source as well), and cannot really complain. It’s mainly a suggestion.

Thanks for the feedback! We have some ideas here


That’s great to know!
Keep in mind that this is not only about the recent news section, but all the function requiring an account.