Can arduino libraries (that use Arduino.h) be used when using the espidf framework (NOT arduino framework)

Background: I’m attempting to convert a small piece of code that uses the TFT_eSPI library. This code works well when using the arduino framework. The TFT_eSPI library I’m using is NOT the bodmer/TFT_eSPI available through the library manager. I used the entire library set from GitHub - Xinyuan-LilyGO/TTGO-T-Display. Isimply copies all the directory in the lib subfolder and installed them in the lib folder of my project. It contains a modified set of libraries that work well with the Lilygo products, specifically the Lilygo T-Display S3 module that I’s like to develop for with the native ESPIDF framework.

Issue: The problem is that the library eventually wants to #include “Arduino.h”, which, of course fails in compilation with “src/main.cpp:5:10: fatal error: TFT_eSPI.h: No such file or directory”.

I am new to working with platformio and esp-idf. Although I’ve done embedded programming and am willing to do the work it takes to figure this out, I’m not crazy about expending effort on something that’s not even possible.

So, I’d appreciate any pointers on how to proceed, or pointers to resources I can review to get a grasp on this effort. My end goal is to not rely on “Arduino” libraries.

Thanks for your help!

You can use Arduino as an ESP-IDF component in PlatformIO per this.