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CalEPD is an ESP-IDF C++ component to drive epaper displays with ESP32 / ESP32S2

In the last 3 months I’ve been making an ESP-IDF component to drive epapers. I don’t know how many developers use Platformio / VSCode to edit C++ and compile with Espressif IDF but I though that announcing it here may bring some more people to test it.
This is the component that is updated every few weeks with new models:

Is a bit faster for some eink Controllers since I’m handling SPI transactions differently than GxEPD and also at a very low level and sending more bytes for the pixel buffer as byte per byte (If the controller supports it)
If there is any question, just tell me in the comments or open a github issue, I’m not sure if it will serve to add this into PlatformIO libraries since in ESP-IDF components are mostly included using git submodules.

If you want to check if the epaper you want to use is already in the component just check the Wiki page at the development repository:

If it’s not there just open a new Issue in github and I will do my best to add the C++ Class.