Caching Platformio external in libs Gitlab CI

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to apply Cache dependencies feature from GItlab CI documentation in a project of mine that runs platformio ci command for each version pushed to the repo. This project uses 3-5 external libraries and the job has been taking longer and longer since more libs are added.
That is the script for platformio ci:

The .gitlab-ci.yml file is like so:

  stage: lint
  image: registry.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     - ISensor/.pio/build/
  script: ./

I think I’m doing everything properly but somehow the time each job has been taken is not decreasing.

The reason I’ve chosen the path above was because the Building, Compiling, Indexing & etc seems to happen over there:

Compiling .pio/build/uno/src/main.cpp.o
Compiling .pio/build/uno/lib22b/OneWire_ID1/OneWire.cpp.o
Archiving .pio/build/uno/lib22b/libOneWire_ID1.a
Indexing .pio/build/uno/lib22b/libOneWire_ID1.a


Compiling .pio/build/uno/src/main.cpp.o
Compiling .pio/build/uno/lib22b/OneWire_ID1/OneWire.cpp.o
Archiving .pio/build/uno/lib22b/libOneWire_ID1.a
Indexing .pio/build/uno/lib22b/libOneWire_ID1.a


|   |-- <Wire> 1.0
Building in release mode
Compiling .pio/build/teensy36/src/main.cpp.o
Archiving .pio/build/teensy36/lib21a/libISensor.a
Indexing .pio/build/teensy36/lib21a/libISensor.a
Compiling .pio/build/teensy36/lib68f/Wire/Wire.c

Platformio is running in Docker container, and I’m not sure where platformio ci is been installing the libs used in the project.

At the end of each job I’ve got this:

Creating cache platformio-cache-ci... 
WARNING: ISensor/.pio/build/: no matching files   
Archive is up to date!          
Created cache
Job succeeded

no matching files?
Created cache?

What does that mean?

I also realize the following at the beginning of each job:

Successfully extracted cache
Authenticating with credentials from /var/lib/gitlab-runner/.docker/config.json 09:24 

9 minutes for authentication? Seriously?

Also, apparently there is some cache been used. But this path seems to be from the container where AFAIK is not possible to cache data since it will be lost in the nex build.

LibraryManager: Installing id=1
Using cache: /root/.platformio/.cache/16/7848ce2817f213c50c23dafb9c6eaf16
OneWire @ 2.3.5 has been successfully installed!
LibraryManager: Installing id=54
Using cache: /root/.platformio/.cache/70/6e77374ce8b723995884c1935d2c7670

I’m kinda newbie, so I really appreciate your time! If I was not that clear, please let me know.
Best wishes.

You might want to have a look at the build-dir and keep-build-dir platformio ci parameters, since by default platformio ci uses a temporary build directory, and it is removed at the end of the build process. You can use those two flags to set it, and stop it from being deleted.

Now having said that, your last capture tells you where the platformio cache is … /root/.platformio/.cache … so if you want to used cached versions of libraries… cache that folder. Better yet, cache the entire /root/.platformio folder, and you should then have all the framework and toolchain files also.

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@pfeerick, thanks for your help.

I 've tried to use the --build-dir cache --keep-build-dir doing like so.
Initially, I created this folder named cache in the root of my project, however, I got the python error file exists after the script ran the first time.
I also ran withou specify any folder, and the script ran properly but any folder was genereted.
It is not clear for me the usage of both commands. I tried this way based on another thread very similar to this one.
So, two questions?
What is the proper usage of those commands?(yes, I’ve checked the documentation. But it only describes what the command does and no the usage).
And, where is the /root/.platformio? is it on the Docker container? I couldn’t find it anywhere (locally).
I’ve tried to cache it as you suggest but nothing happens. The pipeline do not decrease a single minute. I will keep fighting here…
Thank you very much for your time.