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Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I noticed that the business version pricing has increased by around 250% in the past few days from $95/$150 to $250/$500. It seems a very large increase, is there any rationale behind the sudden increase?

I ask because I’ve been recommending platformIO to smaller commercial users who may need this support at some point. However, I’m concerned that it’s suddenly increased by so much.

Looking at the change was first done somewhere between circa the beginning of 2020 to May 2020, wich would match the pandemic start, and then in August 2020 it was back down again, and now back up.

@ivankravets should know about that.

We haven’t had a “Business” package of support before. It was “Developer”, which means “per developer”. It was not a comfortable package for the companies. If you had 10 developers, you needed to pay $95*10 per month.

So, we made a flat price for businesses without limitation to the number of developers. It means, the PRICE IS REDUCED multiple times.

  1. Which type of support do they need? A lot of questions are answered in these community forums.
  2. There are smart people in this community - our moderators. They provide technical support absolutely for free. So, thanks to them! You can contact them and ask about paid help. Here is a list of the current moderators (sorted in alphabet order):

You can check their latest answers/topics and their expertise (click on the nickname about).

Happy coding with PlatformIO and thanks for recommending PlatformIO to your friends :orange_heart:

Many thanks for the reply, I am very happy with the combination of CLion and PlatformIO.

I understand now and can see why that would work better than the previous model for larger companies. And as I understand it for smaller fish and please correct me if I’m wrong, you’d recommend using the forum (with impromptu arrangements as needed when a problem exceeds what would be expected free of charge).

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