Burn Bootloader -nRF52832

I’m new to nRF52832, still manged to write few programs on the same. Now I’m trying to “Burn Bootloader” in Platformio - VS code

When I try to Bootload - it shows “Task running” and the process is not getting terminated.

I have also added this

platform = nordicnrf52
board = adafruit_feather_nrf52832
framework = arduino

Thankyou in advance.

Abort it and and open a CLI and execute

pio run -v -t bootloader

What does it show?

I Had to forcefully abort the process.

What does the command

pio pkg exec -p tool-nrfjprog -c "nrfjprog --ids"


"nrfjprog --ids" - should i put this same as it is ?

This is what i got.

This also had to be aborted.

Hm, just hungs up, huh.

It looks like you’re using Linux. Can you download the latest version of the tool from nRF Command Line Tools - Downloads - nordicsemi.com as a e.g. tar.gz file, extract it, and try to run the same nrfjprog --ids command? Does it also hang up?

Yes im using Linux. This needs to installed in the system? & then try nrfjprog --ids on platformio?

After downloading the e.g. .tar.gz version and unpacking it (tar xfv <file>), you should find a nrf-command-line-tools\bin\nrjprog progrma, which you execute with the --ids argument. This can be done on a regular shell.

I got this.

Good, there’s a programmer. Now try and execute the command that PlatformIO wanted to execute for the “burn-bootloader” command but with the newly downloaded program.

I changed the library & it worked.
I used this :slight_smile:


platform = https://github.com/h2zero/platform-n-able.git#1.0.0

board = adafruit_feather_nrf52832

framework = arduino

board_bootloader = adafruit

;board_build.f_cpu = 64000000L

upload_protocol = jlink

debug_tool = jlink

Thankyou Max