Building waiting for a timeout before starting to compile

When I launch a build, the building task is launched but no compilation is fired.

I have either to wait for 1 hour to see the compilation starting or press Ctrl+C to move on the compilation phase.


1 literal hour for compilation? And with Ctrl+C it moves to the compilation phase?

Are you sure you’re not just stuck in the same scrolling position? After you you laucn the Build task (I’m assuming you’re using VSCode here) you can just click to focus in the terminal window and pess any keyboard key to get the end. Does that make a difference?

I found my issue, I had an network issue and one of my networks mount was not working.
I suppose that the upload autodetect was trying to connect to this unmounted drive.

I still have this message just before it starts to compile:
“Unable to find destination disk (Autodetect Error)
Please select it in platformio.ini using the upload_port keyword (Redirecting...) or copy the firmware (.pio/build/LPC1768/firmware.bin) manually to the appropriate disk”