Building remotely upload locally

I have been using PIO a while on my local machine and it is working great. Now I am working on a large project which takes a while to build on my local machine. I have remote access to a more powerful machine. So my goal is to develop and build the firmware on that remote machine and only upload the binary on my local machine. However when I search for possible solutions it seems that I can only do it the reverse way. Am I missing something or indeed this workflow is not yet supported? I am using PlatformIO for vscode.

I don’t think this is supported.

What you could do is write a small script that does the remote build (using pio remote run), then copies the build result back to your machine somehow (ssh / scp) in the same place (.pio/), then execute an upload without build on your local machine (pio run -t nobuild -t upload).

As this seems like a crutch, feel free to propose a new feature in