Build, Upload, Clean icons dont work

Hi all
I’m pretty new to platformio, just started using it with my uno instead of the arduino IDE.
When i went to build my first program with pio, i got prompt asking if i wanted to disable tasks i think, and i believe that resulted in most of my lower taskbar icons not working. I cant build, upload, etc., instead the “Select task to run” pops up
I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, but i cant seem to undo whatever i did.
In the meantime i found out i can still build and upload to my uno with terminal commands
I’m sure this is a simple fix, ive just exhausted all the means i can think of

  • VSCode version and the version of all installed plugins?
  • clicking the PIO alien icon in the left sidebar brings up nothing? No project tasks to see?

Vs code version 1.44.0
PIO 1.10.0
C/C++ 0.27.0
When I click on the PIO icon and hit “Build” “Upload”, etc., i get prompted to configure a task and create a tasks.json from a template

First make sure to only have one folder in your workspace (you currently have 4 loaded) to see if it’s not a multi-workspace issue.

Then check out VSC: No task to run found - #6 by pfeerick because this seems like a rather old known issue, but I didn’t think it would appear in the newest version…

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