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Build Seed Arch Max


Why the assembly mbed for SeedArchMax starts anew every time a program changes?

disco_f407vg similarly. The mbed build starts over whenever the program changes.

For what??? The Pizza Maker project?

What sort of change are you taking about?

Is the platformio.ini being modified? As this will nearly always trigger a complete rebuild.

any project, any changes.
platformio.ini being not modified

Ok, thanks for that.

So these are the conditions under which a full rebuild is supposed to occur:

So, that leave the possibility of a bug (there was one around ‘build’ seemingly working ok, but sequential uploads triggering full rebuilds) . There has been mention of the suspicion that the version of python may have some impact, but if you’re using the current version of PIO with the current PIO VSCode extension I’m pretty sure that issue should be resolved. I seem to remember mention that that with mbed full rebuilds happen for another reason by design, but I can’t put my finger on that thread at the moment.

But with STM32F103C8 there are no such problems. Build mbed only happens if platformio.ini is changed

Maybe that wasn’t clear enough… if the file structure has changed… not the content. If you, for instance, rename main.cpp to myprog.cpp, a full rebuild DOES occur for the genericSTM32F103C8 board type using the mbed framework. Not that I was second guessing the person who actually created PlatformIO in the first place (Ivan).

Meaning that it takes about 3:30 minutes on my now stupidly slow Windows install. As opposed to just under a minute if it can build just the changes, after checking nothing else has changed.

This is exactly what happens with Seed Arch Max. When content changes, mbed builds again.