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Build is not reproductible (different binary) between build execution


I face a strange behavior.

I use Visual Studio Code (1.69.2) with last PlatformIO IDE plugin (2.5.0) on Windows 7.

I have an ESP8266 project I’m working on.

When I execute the Build task from Visual and when I call the following command line which is exactly the same command line executed by the Build task, I got different binaires:
C:\Users\SigmaPic\.platformio\penv\Scripts\platformio.exe run --environment nodemcuv2

In fact a few cpp files produce different object files which lead to different binaries.
I do that without changing any setting in the project.
Just pressing Build button in Visual on one side and and calling the previous command on another side.

What is strange is that if I press let’s say 10 times the Build button, it produces different binaries.
If I do the same by calling manually the previous command in a cmd, same binaries.
Note: between each build I delete an object file so that the binary is reproduced.

When I say that binaries are different, I mean that it produces a binary that makes the ESP to reboot in loop.


  • When I build through Visual, sometimes the produces binary works fine, sometimes it fails (ESP reboot in llop)
  • When I build through the command line, binary is always good.