Build Errors Platform I/O with STM32 476RG


I’ve tried to build and upload a project with Platform I/O.
Unfortionately the clock fails, giving me wrong delay times.
To verify this I output a pin toggling every second and read the signal back on a osciloscope, but the resonse time was 2.25 seconds.

The inputfiles derived from the STM32CubeIDE where timing is correct.

Is there some one out there knowing something about this?

There is no way to say for sure what’s going on without you posting the actual project files, in full. That means platformio.ini and any source code.

It seems like the timeing issue is gone. I re created my project to send the imoportant part of the code. Doing so the error disipered and I could not recreate it.

I’m still having an issue on the same project - I don’t receive an TX-output from the controller. Looking at the signal on the ociloscope it seems to float - and I did try changing places between RX and TX, with no result