Build custom Arduino espressif32 for arduino

Hi I’m trying to overcome the heap problem with the BLE and wifi on the esp32, currently the only solution I have found is to reconfigure the esp-idf, and rebuild the Arduino core. Well I’ve done it know but I wonder if I can build the platform io package/platform so that I can test it in PIO.
I’m just looking for a more automatic way rather than just copy all the recompiled libs and stuff like that.

You can fork Arduino ESP32 Core, apply own changes and point PlatformIO to your own package in platform.json (you can find it in .~/platformio/platforms/espressif32).

Nevertheless, we will simplify this way soon via

Thanks that simplifies installation in platform io but how to create the package, is there a script that will copy all the required files to create a Platformio package?

btw. great job with Platform IO it’s really wonderful for tinkering :slight_smile:

You can install packages using Redirecting... and --with-package option. Later, you can apply patches.

You can use any language to modify files on-the fly. See Redirecting...

Just use in your platformio.ini

platform = espressif32
build_flags = !cmd_or_path_to_script