[BUG] pio init regression

The command line

pio init --ide visualstudio --board adafruit_grandcentral_m4

seems not to work anymore as expected.

Starting from Marlin platformio.ini already initialized with multiboard (agcm4 is already defined as environment) with above command line I get:

Error: Invalid value: invalid choice: 1. (choose from off, chain, deep, chain+, deep+) for option lib_ldf_mode in section [env:fysetc_STM32F1]

launching PIO, using as board the one defined in env_default, it works

So what option is there the in this environment for lib_ldf_mode? PlatformIO did impose stricter checking on the configuration file, as it is properly documented here ["New project configuration parser with a strict options typing "] and here. So I wouldn’t say this is a regression or a bug.

Don’t know but grand central is samd51, not stm32f1

edit: you are telling me that mega2560 compiles just because its env definition is before the one in stm32f1?

Ok, changing lib_ldf_mode value fix it. Now don’t find old value 1 what is in 4.0…maybe chain? Where can I find 3.x references about it?


[0, 1, 2, 3…]

1 = chain

P.S: Could you remove this option at all?

ok, thank you very much

P.S: Could you remove this option at all?

it’s not up to me, it’s used in env I don’t work with. I posted a PR in Marlin with ‘chain’ to fix them