Bug in include path of library.json


I have the following content of library.json of a library comm_manager in lib/ folder:

    "name": "comm_manager",
    "version": "0.01",
    "build": {
        "flags": [
            "-I include2"

I’m expecting to have in my include path of the library something like:
-I lib/comm_manager/include2

But the generated output for the gcc compiler is:
-I ~/.platformio/platforms/ststm32/builder/include2

What can I do?
With regards

Cannot reproduce. I get

-Ilib\comm_manager -Ilib\comm_manager\include2

When I do a verbose build.

Please upload the whole minimal project that reproduces the problem.

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As I was preparing the project for uploading, I noticed that I didn’t created the include2 folder in the comm_manager lib) It seems kind of a fallback mechanism in case of absence of the referenced folder, so creating the folder solved the problem.

Aber trotzdem herzlichen Dank)