Breakpoints only intermittently respected

When I set breakpoints in code, then recompile code in Debug mode, the breakpoints are usually not stopped at. I can prevent this by disabling all breakpoints, then re-enabling them when the Debugger stops at main.init(). I must repeat this process every single time I make a change to the code, then begin a Debug task again.

Note: This only applies to breakpoints set before the Debug task is started. If it is running, then I hit Pause and place a new breakpoint, it works fine.

This behavior happens roughly 90% of the time, but occasionally, the breakpoints are respected, even with no intervening code changes; just restarting Debug over and over.

Debugger is J-link. MCU is SAMD51 (Adafruit M4 Feather Express)

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We will take a look at this issue