Branches and switch between

me again. First happy new year 2024. health and success to all.
I know it my be a silly question, I do not understad it.
I have made a branch to my project, so long so fine. I can see it in Git Graph.
Left on the bottom line I see the name of the new branch.
Then I make a change in main.cpp, just a Serial.print(“text”) ;
Compile and upload but there is no text output. I seams it compiles and upload the original version.
I know ther is some thing witch checkout etc. but I do not understand it.
Can some please explain me how to switch between branches coorectly, so that teh actual branch will be compiled an uploaded or at least a link to an understandable explanation. Google search did not lead me to something essential.

Many thanks


Hi @muekno! Happy new year / Frohes’ neues’!

If you change the branch (left on the bottom line), a checkout is made on this branch.
This is how you switch between the branches.
The branch that is displayed in the bottom line is the active branch.
All source code files in this branch are used for the current build.

I made a video to illustrate this.

Thank you,
that helps a lot.
Yes I thought that should be so. I have to look what else is wrong.

Kind Regards