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Board version in Platformio

I am new to Platformio. I want to know that is there an option to select specific board version of esp8266 modules.
Like in Arduino IDE>Board manager we can select a specific version of board and then install, like 2.7.4.
I have a project of NTP clock which is compatible with version 2.7.4 ofESP8266 but not work as expected with version 3.x.x, Due to this reason I want to use 2.7.4 version but haven’t find any option to select that…
here is the output of same code but different board versions.


platform = espressif8266


platform = espressif8266@2.6.3

in your platformi.ini, per releases this will give you the platform version which uses Arduino-ESP8266 version 2.7.4 (plus a bugfix).