Board genericSTM32F446ZE not available

Hi all,
I’ve been using the Nucleo144 STM32F446ZET for my development so far.
Now I’m ready to test my actual hardware but I see the “generic board” for that chip is not listed.
What can I do?


There’s no real need to use a generic board variant. Use can continue to use the Nucleo board definition. I don’t think there’s any relevant difference.

If you really want to change something (e.g. the board name), you can copy the file ~/.platformio/platforms/ststm32/boards/nucleo_f446ze.json to ~/.platformio/boards/genericSTMF446ZE.json and edit it.

At the least, you have to insert (as the second line):

  "platform": "ststm32",

Hi @manuelbl ,
indeed I just used the nucleo config no problem.
Thanks for the feedback