Board file for generic ESP32 38pin board? [solved]

I am looking for either a matching board file or some hints to how to handle this…

I got an ESP32 WROOM32 board with 38 pins.
This is it (the 38P option):
It has zero info printed on it – of cause it ain’t nothing special.
Just the WROOM32 module, a CH340C UART-USB-bridge, RST/BOOT buttons, some power regulators and the usual C and R parts.

It works with some other boards’ definition, but now it lacks support for named pins for example.

So is there a “generic” board definition one for this usecase? Or is my board a clone of another I could use?
Or can I make one and have it added to the official library? I wouldn’t mind.

Pretty sure the “G0” etc just means “IO0”, which you would refer to as just the number 0 in the Arduino pin API. The only named pins would then be SD0…SD3, CLK, SN, for which the Arduino variants don’t provide a name, too. (see e.g. arduino-esp32/pins_arduino.h at 1.0.6 · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub)

Yes, of cause I can just write “21” instead of “D21” or “GPIO_21”.
I was just wondering if there is more to it, but it’s rather self explaining.
Custom Embedded Boards — PlatformIO latest documentation seems to give all the info one needs.