Board_build_partitions, Which Option is the right one?

Hello! Sorry, if this question is some kind of stupid as I am new to the arduino-espressif world. Perhaps someone can help me:
I´m on the way with a ESP32 Dev Module (ESP32 Mini D1 with 4 MB Flash Mem). I implemented the OTA feature and the Webserial for debugging in Arduino environment, which works so far. As the libraries for this are relatively large and I added my addidional code, now the sketch is at 125 % of the standard configuration.
So I added the board_build.partitions feature in platformio.ini:

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
board_build.partitions = huge_app.csv
framework = arduino
monitor_speed = 115200
upload_protocol = espota
upload_port = <myIP-Address>
upload_flags =
lib_deps =
    ayushsharma82/WebSerial @ ^1.4.0
    adafruit/Adafruit NeoPixel @ ^1.12.0
    thomasfredericks/Bounce2 @ ^2.71

The sketch now compiles without errors but the upload via OTA does not work anymore. I assume I used the wrong partition table but from the docs I was not able to figure it out. So I think I need something “Big App with OTA and with small SPIFFS” , whatever SPIFFS is.
Can somebody give me a hint?
From this Github it does not get clear for me…
In the arduino IDE there is something like 1.9 MB App with OTA and minimal SPIFF. Would that be the right one and how is it called in platformIO?
Any help would be appreciated

You are exactly describing the min_spiffs.csv partition table.

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Addendum: The mapping from “Arduino IDE menu option” to "partition table filename (without .csv extension) can be found in the boards.txt of the core under [..]build.partitions = <name>.

This will lead you to exactly the same result.

Thanx a lot Max!
That is exactly what I wanted! Now the OTA works again.

I think I have to dive in this a little more deeper…
BTW: You are really a crack!