Bluepill Full GPIO usage


Im trying to use as much of the GPIO pins at the bluepill STM32F103C8 64k flash. Is there any documentation or a list of build options to disable features such as the rx, tx pins JTAG and USB+ and USB-.

They are all listed as GPIO and port pins so I would assume they can do a high and low state.

I have managed to disable JTAG on a pure STM32F103C8 env in platformio.ini. But then I realized there is a dedicated env for the bluepill module and I needed to use it a stm32 real time libary. Problem is in this env I cant use the same functions/commands in setup to disable certain features. I also cant find any build flags to do that.

Thanks in advance for any and all help and suggestions where to look!

For anyone having the same problem, you cant use the Serial.begin() function. This enables the tx rx pins and then are the same ones used as in the usb, which i didnt expect but it seems to be that way.

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