Bluepill f103c8 Java runtime error

Greetings, i am currently encounter this issue, when trying to upload code to my ST32 Blue Pill board.
I’m using PlatformIO IDE.

Seems it’s Java Runtime error - and seems i need to fix PATH enviroment variable. Which version of JRE should i use? This issue must be very simple to fix, but i’m running out of ideas.

I tried to find similar topics, but they are related to Arduino IDE specific issues, not PlatformIO.
Specified code works well in Arduino IDE itself, i’m using Roger’s core.

Here is also my platformio.ini file
I set board_build core to “maple” and upload method to “dfu”, it should be the same way i used this particular board with Arduino IDE.

I’ve ran into this too before, and that has been discussed before at

I’m not sure anymore how I solved it though… possible installed the Arduino IDE + Maple core then added the <arduino folder>\java\bin folder to my PATH.

Thank you. Your solution is working, i just forgot to remove path to oracle Java from global PATH variable.

I’m also using PlatformIO and running into the same problem. What’s the actual solution? I had set the board_build.core = maple, and upload_protocol = dfu. Still not working. How do you change the PATH thing that you mentioned? For now, it works in Arduino IDE, but not PlatformIO. Please help.

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Wow, thanks for the quick reply. It actually worked. I’m so dumb to go deal with maple_upload.bat as suggested in other forums. Gosh why didn’t I ask here sooner. Anyway thanks for your help, you saved me.