Bluefruit Feather nRF52832 and Nordic platform?

I recently purchased the Pro plan to use PlatformIO on a variety of projects. As a sort of a noob to the mbed, Arduino and Raspberry Pi world I have a question regarding the Bluefruit Feather nRF52832. Is the Nordic nRF52-DK platform the one to use with this board? If not how can I get use this board with PlatformIO?

Thanks a lot for supporting us with PIO Plus! Could you try your board with Nordic nRF52-DK? It should work, including debugging.

Please confirm that it works, we will create a separate manifest for this board. Thanks!

Getting an Intellisense error with the #include along with this when I compile:
#include <bluefruit.h> ^ compilation terminated.

I remember I had to add this in Arduino Prefs,
Additional Boards Manager URL:

Also I’m running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1 with VS Code 1.17.0

I went and downloaded the .tar from

I then went through and added these to the #includePath in c_cpp_properties.json

I’m still getting the
#include <bluefruit.h>
compilation terminated.

Along with a lot of
class “BLEAdvertising” has no member “restartOnDisconnect”

This of course works with the Arduino IDE.

You should modify build flags using Redirecting...

Also, please copy whole library libraries/Bluefruit52Lib to project/lib folder.

I’m trying to perform these steps as well. The blinky example compiles, but I believe the firmware on the nRF is custom to work with Arduino and the USB bridge.

The log shows it’s uploading the program but I can see in the serial monitor that an old program I uploaded with Arduino is still running.

Are there any plans to add the Adafruit Feather nRF52 to the device list? I would greatly appreciate that so I can use the same platform as the development kit.

Or, which bootloader do I have to flash to make it work?

There is a feature request. Let’s wait when Adafruit send us a PR:

P.S: Try to post a feature request to their forum.