Blue Pill + Zephyr + HID bootloader combination not working

Hi, I tired uploading a simple blink Zephyr project to Blue Pill with HID bootloader (GitHub - Serasidis/STM32_HID_Bootloader: Driverless USB HID bootloader and flashing tool for STM32F10X devices), everything compiles and uploads successfully, but the code doesn’t run, the LED stays on forever (it’s not blinking like while bootloader is running).

Then I switched project to Arduino, re-written blink project with Arduino framework and uploaded it using HID bootloader and it works fine, so uploading Zephyr project using HID bootloader doesn’t overwrite bootloader itself.

Then I tired uploading Zephyr project again, this time using stlink, and it works fine as well.

So I guess that it’s some kind of problem with Zephyr address? I tried changing FLASH_BASE_ADDRESS to 0x8000800 (0x8000000 + 2kb for bootloader) but it didn’t help.

Does somebody have any suggestions?