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Blue Pill + USB Serial


“Blue Pill” plate (STM32F103C8)
VSCode, Platformio (Home 2.0.0, Core 3.6.4)
Simply sketch:

#include <Arduino.h>
void setup() {

void loop() {

platform = ststm32
framework = arduino
board = bluepill_f103c8_128k

Сompiles, but Serial work not over USB, just two pins Tx, Rx (Expands to: Serial1). After plug-in USB in computer - “Unknown device”.
It happened after upgrade STM32 platform to 5.1.0 version. On v4.5.0 everything workd fine - appeared virtual COM-port over USB.
Unfortunately, even uninstall 5.1 and install 4.5 again - nothing compiling with numerous errors " duplicate ‘inline".

Can I fix this?