Ble to Wifi Gateway

Sir, this example uses Makefile

Can i compile with Platformio ? needs make
Some tips ?
Btw: i can compile on msys32

Exactly, that project is 4 years old and relies on the Makefile buildsystem. PlatformIO in its current version (and platform-espressif32 version) can only use the CMake build system. PlatformIO also needs a platformio.ini configuration. Please refer to the documentation on details, especially:

As an example, I’ve repackaged the above project to work PlatformIO in this repo: GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-esp32-gatts-mqtt-gateway: A PlatformIO compilable version of Compiles fine and all Intellisense works.

Hi max

Thanks to spend time to help!

I got this error
Cmake old
I installed it, but looks thet platformio does not detects this new version

I need you help again :slight_smile:

This is a PlatformIO project and should be built with PlatformIO tools, not by using system-installed CMake commands. The build button is in the PlatformIO sidebar.

You might want to read the quickstart guide first before continuing.

Nice! Works!
Can you port this too ?

it will be util for all too!