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Better support for gtest in non-native environments

I am trying to use gtest instead of unity as test framework. Motivation - I’d like to use the same framework in all environments (embedded and native) and not two different :wink: .

In a native environment pio test works good and as expected, whereas in a embedded one (e.g. espressif8266/d1_mini) pio test neither makes highlighting of test results nor finishes - I have to abort manually each run :open_mouth: .

I’ve dug a little bit inside pio and think I’ve located the place where this behaviour could be changed. In
platformio/commands/test/ the output from the tests is scanned to make highlighting and to detect the end of the tests. Currently it supports only the strings used by unity.

Could this please be altered to support gtest in embedded environments, too ?

Feature requests like that to so that devs see it.