Best way to share a whole project?

Hello I’m new here so I hope I get this right!

I’ve just moved a large project out of Arduino’s IDE into PlatformIO. It’s all working perfectly and I’m delighted to say the least. (It’s a full featured radio control system for model helicopters using Teensy 4s and nRF24L01s etc. )

I’ve used several libraries and kept these tied to the projects. There are really two projects - transmitter and receiver.

I wanted my friend to use my code too, so I zipped it all up (below the \projects path) and sent it - complete with paths and libraries etc. But it didn’t compile at his end disappointingly.

I’m guessing I shared the wrong way. I bet there’s a better way to do it. Can anyone help me with this? Hope so!

Malcolm Messiter

Welcome to the forum.

I would do a “build clean” to get rid of all the binaries, then zip up the content of the project’s top level directory – the one where platformini.ini lives – including the directory itself.

On Linux that’s a quick right click on the directory name, then select “compress”. The resulting zip/tar/gz file can be uncompressed on the target PC to recreate the original project folder layout, and compiled.

Unless you have something “out of line”, the above should be working fine.

Make sure your friend has the same version of PlatformIO as you do, just in case.


Thank you! I’ll try to find this ‘clean build’ option, which is I think the only difference from what I did. I’m using a Mac by the way.

I have a lot to learn about PlatformIO. But already I like it enormously. It’s fabulous. I wish I’d moved to it months ago!

If you install the shell commands, I’m assuming you are using VSCode, as per Redirecting... then this will clean the project:

pio run --target clean

Of course, in VSCode, on the PlatformIO toolbar at the bottom, the dustbin/trash can icon runs a clean build for you.


Wow thank you!

I’ll do that.

I wish you lived next door - we could share a bottle of wine in the garden and I learn a lot!

This morning I’m going out to fly a model helicopter and test my latest code … :grin:


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I’m always up for a good crisp glass of white! :wink:

I used to fly slope soarers. Usually into the ground on their first or second flight! No coordination at all.

Have fun.


I have flown slope soarers over Ivinghoe Beacon on off since 1969!

Do you live nearby? I’ve installed my home made radio into a Pike WR and must fly it soon!

I’m in Barnet - north London, by the way.

Best wishes


We’re a little off topic now. :wink: Private message sent.