Best way to develop a library


for a school project i want to develop a library for a hall effect sensor array.
i want to create the library and slowly add new features while at the same time test if these features work
i want to have the library in a different github repo than my test code.
what is the best way to do this?
i know that i can use lib_deps but then you need to reload the library everytime you change it and also have a seperate editor open.
i’m using clion for the development.


Develop the library within the lib/<your library's name> folder and only upload it after you’ve done developing it. On Github you can additionally use Github Actions + pio ci to test-compile the examples in your library.

thanks @maxgerhardt for the quick reply.
how would i than change/add features later on in the project?

You do the changes and git commit -a && git push your library folder (which includes example) again? Not sure if I understand you correctly.

i know that i can commit and push and use the lib_deps. but than i cant edit the library on the fly while working on the main program for the project like you can when you put it in the lib folder.

I think the best explanation of what i want is that i want the ease of the library being in the lib folder while the library is actualy in a different repo.

you can try git submodules

I guess that’s the best option.