Best way to determine board type?

I’m still a bit new to PlatformIO. I have a board and cannot figure out how to configure it in platformio.ini
The board is an Adafruit ItsyBitsyy RP2040. In VS Code Board Explorer I search for ‘ItsyBitsy’ and get six options. At this page for Raspberry Pi RP2040 Boards — PlatformIO latest documentation I get two options.

Not knowing which to use, I go to Adafruit’s product page. It provides board info for the Arduino IDE but not for Platformio. Arduino Usage | Adafruit ItsyBitsy RP2040 | Adafruit Learning System

On the platformio latest boards index page I see options for 3V/8MHz and 5V/16 MHz. I have no such markings on my board and am not clear how I would determine which to choose.

How do I choose the ‘platform’ and ‘env’?

I try one of the boards and do a build and get this error: Unknown board ID ‘itsybitsy32u4_5V’. How could a listed board be unknown?

Can anyone shed some light on a process by which one can more easily determine how to determine platformio.ini settings?

There are lots of Adafruit ItyBitsy boards featuring different microcontrollers. Lots of RP2040-based boards are not yet supported in the official platform-raspberrypi platform. So if you want to use the official platform, you can try treating it as a regular “Raspberry Pi Pico” board.

platform = raspberrypi
board = pico
framework = arduino

However, I happen to have support for that board through extended platform code in this PR. So, what you can do is create an arbitrary project (e.g. Arduino Uno + Arduino) and overwrite the project’s platformio.ini with

platform =
framework = arduino
board_build.core = earlephilhower
board_build.filesystem_size = 0.5m

board = adafruit_itsybitsy

and after switching to that environment with the project environment switcher and waiting a bit (the SDK is large), you can compile a firmware for it and uplaod it.

Note that for the very first upload, you’ll just want to build the project, grab the .uf2 file from the .pio\build\<env> folder and copy it on the Pico’s USB drive in BOOTSEL mode.

thank you @maxgerhardt !

I also discovered I can run circuitpython on this board, that’s an FYI for anyone else seeing this.