Best setup for working across multiple computers?


I want to setup platformio on two different computers and have my projects synced between them. What is the best way to go about setting this up (using VSCode)?

I tried using Dropbox to sync them but then ran into problems with the file .vscode\c_cpp_properties.json as the includePath details were different on each machine.

I think that I should probably be using GitHub to keep them synced but not really sure where to start setting that up. Any help would be very much appreciated!



As you would do with a git-repository (keyword .gitignore), you shoudn’t include files like the c_cpp_properties.json in your synced folder or repo as they get created automatically anyway. Same goes for all folders starting with a dot in your projects directory (.vscode, .pioenvs, .piolibdeps, ...). The only file out of those folders that you might want to sync (in my experience) is .vscode/settings.json to share projects specific settings.

If you want to get started using git you should just download the git-client. With an installed git-client VSCode will automatically detect it and you will have a bunch of git-features build into the VSCode UI without the need to learn the git commands. However you still need to read some kind of tutorial and play around with it a bit, to grasps what it is doing (maybe take a look at those videos). Doing that you just learned how to use a local git repository. After that you can think about learning how to push that local repository to a remote one; maybe using Github, maybe Gitlab (which has private repositories for free users, GitHub doesn’t).

It might take some time, but it shouldn’t take too long as it isn’t as difficult as it might seem at a first glance… There are a lot of things you can do but only a few you need to start working with git (create a repo, commit to it, push it to a remote repo and sync or clone from remote…).
Once you got how git works, life will be much easier controlling versions of your software and of course syncing between multiple workstations and developers even in an “only private tinkering” environment, highly recommended :slight_smile:


Thank you that’s very helpful and sounds perfect for what I need.

I have also found this extension to sync my VS Code settings which would then cover everything I was looking for.

Thank you, I don’t think that will work for me at the moment as I don’t have a server that can be kept running or a permanent stable internet connection on my computers. I will keep it in mind for the future though.

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I am using a free version of Resilio Sync and it works perfectly.

It just synchronizes files across at least two computers for free I think. I am using it and its great.
The only downsight is there is no cloud support, both pc have to be on and connected to internet to sync but its done securely over torrents.

You just add a folder on one pc and generate a key, then copy paste that key into your other pc choose a same folder and tada same stuff on both ends with hidden folders for archiving if you mess up and delete something thats not intended too.