Best SBC for hosting PIO remote

I have for many years run the PIO remote code on Raspberry Pis.
On occasion I have had build issues, and have obtained excellent support from Ivan and the community, but it is always a distraction from the main purpose of the development activity. Ivan once told me that Raspian was not the preferred dev environment, and so there will always be the need to rebuild on the host hardware, which puts a minimum hardware spec to rebuild in a reasonable time. Is there a good solution (price/performance/energy consumption) ?

What is the main purpose of using PIO Remote? Firmware deployment to the connected devices or remote unit testing?

Ivan hi, probably firmware deployment, followed by a little remote port debugging. Nothing very demanding.

How about using Advanced Scripting and writing a Python script that deploys firmware to the hardware connected to the RPi? In this case, you don’t need to use PIO Remote.