Azure iot c-sdk

Hi All,

I am working on esp32-idf. I found Azure IoT Arduino Library on PlatformIO. So, can we use same library for IDF framework or is there any other support are available.


Which ESP32-IDF version are you using for the project?

We are using latest version which is 4.0 release.

You’re talking about this library? PlatformIO Registry. This is an Arduino-ESP32 library.

Per Support for ESP IDF v4 - #5 by ivankravets this isn’t yet available, with an estimate of “hopefully released in this month.” But since the library is written against the Arduino-ESP32 core and not ESP-IDF directly, it’s a special case. It’s possible to build ESP-IDF with additionally the Arduino core built in, so that Arduino libraries can run, for compatibility. See e.g. espidf-arduino-blink example. Since the latest supported version of ESP-IDF is v3.3 currently, you should be able to get ESP-IDF v3.3 + Arduino Core + this library working. After v4 is released for PIO, this is then upgraded respectively.

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