AWS FreeRTOS with PlatformIO IDE?


I am new to the platformIO IDE and realize I am jumping in the ocean with out a lifejacket :-). For this POS project I want to use AWS FreeRTOS because it fits into our existing ecosystem since we are heavily moving towards AWS. I have been able to build and deploy the AWS FreeRTOS project to my esp32 and the demo applications work properly sending MQTT messages to the IOT Core MQTT queue. I want to edit this code in an IDE so I can walk though and debug the code to help me learn how its all working since I am new to C++. I was wondering if this is possible to do with the PlatformIO IDE and if so, can someone point me in the correct direction?



Have you see these examples for ESP-IDF (based on FreeRTOS)?

I am new to AWS FreeRTOS - do I need to install extra Libraries and Platforms to work with above examples?

No, above examples can be compiled without any libraries because it uses the ESP-IDF’s builtin FreeRTOS version (V8.2.0)

Hello everyone,

Has this changed since 2019?

If I understand correctly, AmazonFreeRTOS and the FreeRTOS that we use in pio are two separate things, and AmazonFreeRTOS isn’t compatible with pio, or wasn’t back then.

From what I’ve seen, @maxgerhardt has asked if Espressif’s team would migrate to AmazonFreeRTOS and it seems they will stick to FreeRTOS v10.

Either way, is it possible to use AWS cloud specific libraries inside pio(E.g. Jobs, Shadow)?

Thanks in advance.