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AWS FreeRTOS with PlatformIO IDE?



I am new to the platformIO IDE and realize I am jumping in the ocean with out a lifejacket :-). For this POS project I want to use AWS FreeRTOS because it fits into our existing ecosystem since we are heavily moving towards AWS. I have been able to build and deploy the AWS FreeRTOS project to my esp32 and the demo applications work properly sending MQTT messages to the IOT Core MQTT queue. I want to edit this code in an IDE so I can walk though and debug the code to help me learn how its all working since I am new to C++. I was wondering if this is possible to do with the PlatformIO IDE and if so, can someone point me in the correct direction?




Have you see these examples for ESP-IDF (based on FreeRTOS)?


I am new to AWS FreeRTOS - do I need to install extra Libraries and Platforms to work with above examples?


No, above examples can be compiled without any libraries because it uses the ESP-IDF’s builtin FreeRTOS version (V8.2.0)